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We strive to develop natural materials,
A company that aims to be a global natural
science company
It is biotechnology company.

Since the establishment of DENJUNG BIO
Co., Ltd. in 2009 Various awards,
corporate certification, etc.
It contains all the history so far.

To maintain human life and beauty
From nature to the development of cosmetics,
food and pharmaceutical materials
We strive constantly.


Dentje Bio Co., Ltd. is trying to employ and cultivate the right people for our company.
Global Bio We want people who have a goal-oriented, challenging mind, innovative thinking, competitive strength and enthusiasm that can push forward work without giving up in order to meet the company.


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Passion and challenge

“Everything must have a passion, and that passion comes from sincerity.”
I do not hesitate to pass on this enthusiasm and new challenges
I want a talented person who possesses indomitable desires.


To practice global management
As a global citizen,
I want an international sense owner

Team player

Even if it is small,
Listen to your colleagues’ opinions, work in harmony,
We want a sincere organization that maintains good interpersonal relationships.


Ask about all the questions you have about biotechnology.
We will respond promptly and accurately after confirmation.