Certification & Press Release Awarded by Daejeong Bio IP Star Corporation

//Certification & Press Release Awarded by Daejeong Bio IP Star Corporation

Certification & Press Release Awarded by Daejeong Bio IP Star Corporation

DENJUNG BIO Co., Ltd. was selected as an IP star company and there was a ceremony today.
IP Star is divided into three stages: IP Startup, IP Scale Up, and IP Star Enterprise.

The patented technology developed by the company must be above a certain level and satisfies various evaluation criteria such as management performance, research institute scale, research achievement, IP management intention, and has been selected finally through competition with several companies in the city. Seems to.

IP management (IP: Intellectual Property Intellectual Property) will establish and operate technology strategies such as technology preemptive strategy, technology defensive strategy, technical manpower training, and marketing application technique through mid / long term IP roadmap, I’m looking forward to it.

Since June, we have been able to participate in various IP Star companies’ support programs such as the IP roadmap project, the simulation of patent technology, and the training of IP experts.

One by one, I will show you steadily growing up to sincerity.

The Kangwon Intellectual Property Center, run by the Kangwon Provincial Industry and Economic Promotion Agency (KIM Sang-pil), selected an intellectual property-based enterprise by opening a steering committee on March 11, 2016 in the meeting room of Mountain View Office.

Kangwon Provincial Industrial Economic Promotion Agency (Chief Justice Shim Sang-pil) selected 7 companies through IP spectrum (intellectual property management evaluation system) evaluation, on-site assessment, and face-to-face evaluation on 17 companies selected first in IP Star company .

Gangwon IP Star Corporation was selected as the final winner of this year’s event. It is comprised of Grand (Representative Yong Sung Do), Neoflamp (Representative Park Chang Soo), Ding Jung Bio Co., Ltd., Daeryong Ind. KM Corp. (representative Shin Byeong-soon), Korea Chorus Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (representative Hwang Jae-Kwan) and Hyundai Meditech Co., Ltd.

These companies will receive step-by-step support for patent and technology development, customized patent map, non-English language brand development, patent and design convergence, IP management strategy consulting and selective IP support.

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