Danjoungbio, a natural raw material extraction company

//Danjoungbio, a natural raw material extraction company

Danjoungbio, a natural raw material extraction company

Danjoungbio, located in Wonju, Gangwon-do, is a company that extracts and studies key ingredients necessary for natural cosmetics, medicines and foods from natural products.

The TCB (Tech Credit Bureau) rating used for SME evaluation is divided into T1 to T15. As you go to the T1 level, your company’s technological prowess is easy to succeed. On the other hand, as the T15 grade goes up, it is difficult to succeed due to the poor environment for the company.

The average rating of SMEs is T5 ~ T6, but Danjoungbio is rated as T3 showing high level technology. Credit ratings are also A-rated, the company is very stable in terms of technology and credit ratings and consistently do business with more than 250 companies.

CEO Eui-Su Choung is an authoritative doctor(Ph.D) in biology field. It was able to grow fast in a short period of time because the CEO was very professional with knowledge and experience. In particular, Danjoungbio has equipment and R&D system that is hard to find in small and medium-sized companies, so students at Gangwon National University also hold classes here.

Over 10 years the company was able to have numerous patents by researching and extracting various natural materials. As a result, many commonly used products such as lotions, essences, moisturizing creams, sunscreens, mask packs contain ingredients extracted from Danjoungbio.

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