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We are pleased to announce the news of Danjoung Bio.

ISO 22716 and HACCP certification, on the new plant of Danjoungbio Co., Ltd.

Danjoungbio Co., Ltd. said in January 2021 that it has acquired an international certification of cosmetics quality management ISO 22716 from Europe-based Eurocert and HACCP certification which is an effective and efficient food safety management system worldwide recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Danjoungbio Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in natural products that has continued to develop through innovative product development and pioneering new markets while maintaining constant quality and price competitiveness. The new factory, which [...]

Completion of the new factory of Danjoungbio, the second leap forward

Danjoungbio Co., Ltd., a specialized natural products company, has started a new leap forward through the completion of a new plant. Danjoungbio Co., Ltd. completed constructing the second plant for extracting natural products in June and established the best production system. The second plant was built as a three floor building on a site of 3,300 square meter. It was built to respond to the rapidly increasing demand by expanding production bases as Danjoungbio's product demand in the domestic market [...]

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Utilizing Gangwon-do agricultural products cosmetics ingredients

Danjoungbio Co. Ltd., a company that researches and produces active ingredients of cosmetics and food raw materials and plant-derived natural resources, is contributing to the creation of high added value in agricultural products, such as succeeding in developing cosmetics made with potatoes from Gangwon-do. It is actively developing raw materials using edible crops such as sorghum, buckwheat, pearl barley, bellflower, and rice, and is seeking a path for win-win with local farmers by establishing a research team dedicated to increasing [...]

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Completion of the New Factory of Danjoungbio Co., Ltd.

Danjoungbio Co., Ltd. is a company that aims to become a world-class natural product science company through efforts to develop natural product materials. It cultivates domestic natural resources to extract excellent effective ingredients, and through secondary processing such as fermentation, cosmetics, food, and quasi-drug natural materials(raw materials). The second plant was built as a three floor building on a site of 3,300 square meter. The construction of this new factory was decided to respond to the rapidly increasing demand by [...]

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Danjoungbio exports its first natural cosmetic raw material to the UK

Danjoungbio, specializing in natural products, is on the road to export its cosmetic raw material to the UK. Danjoungbio provides complex raw materials using natural plant resources from Korea, starting from China to Indonesia and Thailand to the UK. By exporting to UK, it has become an opportunity to grow into a global natural materials company that promotes and supplies natural cosmetic ingredients to the world. Danjoungbio is a company that aims to become a global natural products science company [...]

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Danjoungbio will participate in Talks at ‘in-cosmetics korea 2020’

Danjoungbio will do a presentation in Talks at 'in-cosmetics korea 2020'. In-cosmetics korea 2020 will be held from June 17th to 10th at Seoul, COEX. The content that attracted attention in 'in-cosmetics korea' last year was the 'K-Beauty Inspiration Zone', which provided expertise in Korean formulations and future trends that would affect the Korean market. In this year's ‘K-Beauty Inspiration Zone’, Danjoungbio holds a ‘Seminar to give new insights on K-Beauty Trends and Beauty’ in the Talks section. Dajoungbio's Talks [...]

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Danjoungbio., donated 10 million won for COVID-19 quarantine goods

On the 11th, Danjoungbio delivered a 10 million won donation for the COVID-19 quarantine product s at the Wonju City Mayor's office. The ceremony was attended by Chang-Muk Won, the Mayor of Wonju City, Danjoungbio Eui-Su Choung, and others. The donation will be used to support the vulnerable and social welfare facilities in the city of Wonju, related to COVID-19 through the Social Welfare Community Chest. Danjoungbio, CEO Eui-Su Choung, 16th member of the Wonju’s Honor Society, said, "We are [...]

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Selected as an excellent work and life balance organization

Danjoungbio was selected as an excellent work and life balance organization. Ministry of Employment and Labor's Gangwon Province Branch, Gangwon Economic Promotion Agency, and Wonju Path Education Center Saeum held the 'Work and Life Balance (WLB) Conference 2019 Gangwon Regional Promotion Team' at the Hotel Inter-Burgo Wonju on the 12th. The company strives to increase profits by meeting the individual needs of its employees. In order to reduce the burden of child-rearing, we introduced the hourly commuting system and the [...]

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MOUs with France, Britain, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines

MOUs with France, Britain, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines Natural product company Danjoungbio (CEO Eui-Su Choung) announced on the 15th that it has signed a business agreement (MOU) with buyers from five countries this year at “in-cosmetics asia”. An official from Danjoungbio said, "This agreement has provided a platform for us to grow into a global company. We expect to have a positive impact on exports in the future." Danjoungbio attracted attention with its best products 'Soothing Cooler' (anti-heat aging), 'ON-MEDI [...]

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