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Social Contribution

Danjoung Bio has been contributing to the community in various ways.

[Corporate Social Responsibility]

By returning some of the benefits gained through ‘natural benefits’ to society, we will continue to innovate for a better world through continuous management.

‘More opportunities for young people’, ‘Happiness through sharing’, ‘Coexistence of man and nature’

Natural Benefit


  • 50% of new recruits are young people.

  • We continue to make sustainable investment in creating new jobs.

  • Major activities
    – Employment from local universities: Yonsei University / Gangwon National University / Gangneung Wonju University / Halla University
    – Recruitment from professional high schools: Dankook Technical High School, Chuncheon Hansam High School
    – Gangwon Bus Expedition, Employment with Intellectual Property Center, etc.


  • Social welfare joint fundraising, 1004 campaign (monthly donation)

  • social welfare organization(monthly donation)


  • Supporting the establishment and management of coexisted village road environment

  • Annual nature conservation activities, research on cultivation methods of superior crops

  • Research and support for farm profitability enhancement

  • Opening of botanical gardens and farms

  • 1 company 1 village movement
    – Makes donations to our sisterhood villages every year
    – Purchases local agricultural products
    – Helps local elderly people and provides jobs (our company farm)
    – Holds “One company, One village, One heart Meeting”