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R&D Ability

Danjoung Bio is with endless research for the upcoming market for new natural materials.

R&D Ability 01


  • To secure diverse research capabilities based on natural materials research for more than 20 years.

  • To organize professional researchers in the fields of life, chemistry, cosmetics, food, and pharmacology(with a ratio of 16%)

  • To conduct R & D development tasks through national research projects

  • To increase research capacity through monthly seminars within the company and special lectures held by external experts

R&D Ability 02

R&D Equipment

  • Analytical equipment (HPLC, Kjeldahl system, UV spectrophotometer etc.)

  • Cell culture system, In-vitro assay system (Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-acne, etc.)

  • In-vivo test(Corneometer, sebum meter, skin loupe, etc.)

R&D Ability 03

R&D Reference

  • IP management activities such as prior art search, patent road map, 3D simulation, education, etc.

  • Awarded the Grand Prize of National IP Management Conference in 2017 (Awarded by Minister of Industry and Commerce)

  • Through government projects, developed 17 special products(inner beauty products, functional cosmetic materials, etc.) and more than 30 patents, including cosmetic composition for anti-heat aging,

  • Presentation of more than 30 domestic and international scholarly theses.

R&D Ability 04

Research Platform

  • Establish databases of various efficacy results by in-vitro, in-vivo and clinical tests

  • Establish databases of the standardization of natural resources and domestic and foreign material information

  • Possess specialized books (Over 2,500 books on natural products / medicines / medicine / cosmetics, etc.)

R&D Ability 05


  • Cooperate with specialized organizations to cultivate all raw herbal materials, harvest, standardization of raw materials, and evaluate efficacy throughout all the processes

  • Collaborates with specialized analytical institutions(NMR, MASS, etc.)

  • Cooperates with accredited certification organization for Effective and clinical evaluation

  • Fields (cosmetics, food, natural products, ecological institutions, etc.)