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We are pleased to announce the news of Danjoung Bio.

단정바이오, 천연물 화장품원료 영국 첫 수출나선다

[코스인코리아닷컴 박상현 기자] 천연물 전문기업 단정바이오가 까다로운 영국의 심사기준을 통과하며 화장품 원료로 영국 수출길에 올랐다. 단정바이오는 8월 7일 수년간 영국의 글로벌 화장품 기업과 공동연구를 통해 신제품을 출시했고 까다로운 현장심사와 엄격한 품질기준을 통과해 수출계약이 성사돼 첫 영국 수출길에 오르게 됐다고 밝혔다. 단정바이오는 중국을 시작으로 인도네시아, 태국에 이어 영국에 이르기까지 한국의 천연식물자원을 이용한 복합원료를 제공함으로써 천연 화장품 원료를 전 세계에 알리고 공급하는 글로벌 천연소재 기업으로 성장하는 계기를 마련하게 됐다. 단정바이오는 천연물 소재 개발 노력을 통한 세계적 천연물 과학 기업을 지향하는 회사로 국내의 천연자원을 재배해 우수 효능 성분을 추출하고 발효 등의 2차 가공을 통해 국내외에 화장품, 식품, 의약외품 천연소재(원료)를 개발, 생산해 공급하고 있다. [...]

Danjoungbio, a natural raw material extraction company

Danjoungbio, located in Wonju, Gangwon-do, is a company that extracts and studies key ingredients necessary for natural cosmetics, medicines and foods from natural products. The TCB (Tech Credit Bureau) rating used for SME evaluation is divided into T1 to T15. As you go to the T1 level, your company's technological prowess is easy to succeed. On the other hand, as the T15 grade goes up, it is difficult to succeed due to the poor environment for the company. The average rating of SMEs is T5 ~ T6, but Danjoungbio is rated as T3 showing high level technology. Credit ratings are [...]

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Danjoungbio’s 2nd plant groundbreaking ceremony

Danjounbgbio Co., Ltd., a natural product specialized company, held a groundbreaking ceremony for the 2nd plant. Danjoungbio Co., Ltd. plans to establish the 2nd plant by the end of this year and to start production operation after the production process. Once the plant is completed, Danjoungbio will secure a production base that can extract and concentrate 1,000 tons of cosmetic raw materials and 800 tons of food raw materials annually at the 2nd plant. With the goal of building a plant that meets GMP standards, HEPA filters will be applied to major facilities and an organic cosmetics production line will [...]

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Awarded the Presidential Citation at the Competition of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Danjoungbio Co., Ltd., a natural material specialist, awarded the Presidential Citation at the 2019 South Korea SMEs by recognition of its contribution to the developing and promoting of SMEs. This Competition of SMEs was held by Korea Federation of SMEs at Yeouido as an event to honor the beneficiaries who contributes to the development of SMEs and industries. At the event, more than 400 people attended including President Moon Jae-In, Minister Park Young-Sun from Ministry of SMEs and Startups, government officials and small and medium-sized venture enterprisers. The natural material specialist company Danjoungbio Co., Ltd., established in 2009, has been [...]

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Danjoungbio donated 10,050,000 KRW to defected forest fire damage area in Gangwon Province.

Danjoung Bio Co., Ltd., a company specialized in the study of natural products, donated 15,000,000 KRW for the victims of the large-scale forest fires in the East Sea of Gangwon Province. A total of 10,050,000 KRW was donated to the Gangwon Province Community Chamber by the Danjoungbio employees. CEO Eui-Su Choung said, "As a result of sharing the pain of local residents in Gangwon-do, which is suffering from forest fires, we have made a donation with our staff. I hope that the donations will be helpful to the disaster area and the victims."

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[Company visit] Danjoungbio, leads development of natural cosmetics new material

This year marks Danjoungbio’s 10th anniversary. Since its establishment in 2009, Danjoungbio has been growing steadily more than 30% every year. As its slogan of 'For Human with Nature', finds beneficial substances from the nature, commercializes and supplies for human. CEO Eui-Su Choung started as a one-person enterprise and now there are 33 employees working while 60$ of them are composed of researchers from biology, chemistry, food and biotechnology. Especially, the research institute of Danjougbio Co., Ltd. is a department that develops cosmetic raw materials using natural materials, is currently developing new materials with stability and differentiation. Additionally, Danjoungbio’s research [...]

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Danjoungbio Co., Ltd., selected as the Youth-Friendly Small Business Enterprise

            Danjoungbio Co., Ltd., a local company in Wonju city, was selected as the 2019 Youth-Friendly Small Business Enterprise. Danjoungbio, a company specialized in natural materials research, was selected by the Ministry of Employment and Labor as the company satisfied the requirement of no delay in payment wages or high employment retention rate. Danjoungbio was highly rated in three areas related in labor welfare, wages and work and life balance and employment stability CEO Eui-Su Choung said “More than 90% of company employees are 20s to 30s and we are working hard to provide a [...]

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Dangjoungbio, awarded ‘Global Frontier Prize’ at a conference.

  Danjoungbio., Ltd., a company specialized in natural materials, recently been awarded the 'Global Frontier Prize' at the Sogang University Scholar Conference held at Sogang University. The conference was jointly organized by the Korean Ethics Management Association, the Korean Academy of Leadership, and the Korean Academy of International Business Management, with the theme of "Strengthening Social Responsibility of Multinational Enterprises, Tasks and Directions". At the event, the Korean Academy of International Business Management awarded prizes to companies that achieved innovative performance by evaluating the technology and management performance of SMEs. Eui-Seong Choung, the director of the headquarters said, “It is [...]

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Danjougbio Co., Ltd. successfully installed the ERP System

Increase efficiency by standardizing business process from order to sales Danjoungbio Co., Ltd., a company that develops and produces natural extract materials, said that it has successfully installed an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) over an year. Danjoungbio Co., Ltd. Prior to this ERP development, we researched all processes from order to sales starting from research for six months. We standardized items and BOM and applied them to ERP. All the raw materials and subsidiary materials in the company are able to track by the Lot number. By adopting the TQM system in the ERP, it is possible to grasp [...]

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Danjoungbio CEO Eui-Su Choung, Awarded the Minister Citation, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Dangjoungbio, a specialist in natural materials, announced that its CEO Eui-Su Choung was recently awarded a citation from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Award at the 21st Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Food and Science Technology Award in 2018. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affair held a 'Food, Agriculture, Livestock and Food Science and Technology Awards' at the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp.(aT center) in Seoul on June 18th to discover and reward researchers who contributed to technology development and industrial development in Agriculture, Food and Rural Affair. Danjoungbio’s CEO Eui-Su Choung was awarded the [...]

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Hojeomyeon, Wonju City, Dangjounbio Co., Ltd. delivers sponsorship articles by Chuseok Sharing

On the occasion of the Chuseok holiday, 50 boxes of ramen was donated to 50 household of low-income underprivileged families (equivalent to 1.3 million KRW). It was prepared to encourage elders who lives alone and low-income families with warm comfort and health. A Danjoungbio official said “While continuing to grow along with local economy, we plan to continue to carry out welfare projects that will enable a small but big love for low-income families in Hojeomyeon

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Ph.D of Herbal Medicine dreaming to conquer the natural material market

Local Company Danjoungbio Co., Lt.d, CEO Eui-Su. Choung Supplied to more than 300 enterprises extracting various useful substances from a thousand plants Obtained 48 patents ... 7 billion KRW investment for 3 years to expand laboratory and etc. Danjoungbio Co., Ltd. a rapidly growing local company with attracting attention, extracts various useful substances from more than 1,000 kinds of plants and its supplying them as raw materials for various products. Danjoungbio Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hojeomyeon,, Wonju City, is a place where dreams of conquering a natural products market with 30 executives and employees and CEO Eui-Su Choung, PhD. (photo). [...]

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Jeju, Ganwon, clean resource collaboration cosmetic

Jeju Technopark and Danjonugbio has collaborated to produce clean resource cosmetic “SYNODIA” with Jeju island’s clean raw materials and organic plan extracts. SYNODIA are made from camellia oil from Jeju Island and sorghum ferment extract & black angelica from Gangwon Province. This product maximizes the effects of anti-oxidation, brightening, wrinkle-reducing with black angelica and with Jeju’s camellia it enhances moisturizing and protect from harmful substances.

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Diatech Korea and Dangjoungbio, ‘Awarded Grand Prize of Bio industry for 3 consecutive years’

Danjoungbio is a company using natural materials to research and manufacture for cosmetics, food and medical supplies. It has various patents of anti-aging, anti-inflammation and anti-allergy etc. Recently freeze-drying system and GMP system was built to become a leading bio industry company

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Gangwon Provicne, Wonju City signed investment agreement with Samyang Food Co., Ltd. and Danjoungbio Co., Ltd.

The two companies will invest a total of 72.4 billion KRW in the Wonju factory site by 2020 to build new production lines. It plans to hire more than 230 local workers by the time the plant is in operation. Danjoungbio decided to invest 3.6 billion KRW in the current site to expand the plant for the production of functional foods, considering that the supply of drink products will steadily increase. The new plant is scheduled to start construction in June and aims to operate in May 2020 and plans to hire more than 30 local workers.

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Danjoungbio introduced functional natural products in ‘China PCHI and Indonesia ICI’

Danjoungio introduced natural materials for cosmetics at 2018 China PCHi (Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients) and Indonesia 2018 ICI (Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredients)It was said “This year by releasing 16 types of products we were able to get attention from the buyers.” “By technical meetings with 30 companies, annual supply plan for 2018 was settled.”

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Certified as ‘Excellent Family-Friendly Company’ by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

Since 2015, Danjoungbio has been working to make it be compatible in both work and family by △family day on Wednesday △flexible work system △operation of outsourced childcare facility △full support for native English education △support for labor-management partnership program △university scholar for employees’ children

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Danjoungbio CEO Eui-Su Choung awarded Grand Prize of Economic Leader R&D Management Division

Natural Materials specialized Wonju local company Danjoungbio CEO Eui-Su Choung was awarded the grand prize of the 2017 Korea Economic Leader R&D Management Division.

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Danjoungbio, ‘Customized natural extracts‘ targeting Vietnam market

Danjoungbio Co., Ltd., a specialist in natural materials, announced the start of targeting Vietnam’s cosmetics market. by participating at the Gangwon Market Pioneer Export Consultation Conference held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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Danjoungbio, R&D spurred on acquisition of IP management certification

  By acquiring the IP management certification, Daejeon Bio has achieved △50% reduction in the patent(design rights) registration fee, △priority examining company △additional points when applying government support projects △increase limit of performance guarantee according to credit rating △70% discount on broadcasting advertisement cost △expand of policy funding support etc.

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[Safe workplace with Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency] 1. Wonju Danjoungbio

  Danjoungbio has been selected as an excellent safety workplace. CEO Chung has made his first priority in safety. When the company and the laboratory were built, they had an optimized safety design.

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Certification & Press Release, Danjoungbio Co., Ltd IP Star Corporation certification presentation ceremony

Danjoungbio Co., Ltd. was selected as IP Star Corporation. There are three types of IP Star Corporation which are IP Startup, IP Scale up and IP Star Corporation and Dangjoungbio was selected as IP Star Corporation. (IP: Intellectual Property) The patented technology developed by the company was above a certain level and satisfied various evaluation criteria such as management performance, research institute scale, research achievement, IP management intention, and it is more valuable because it was finally selected through competition with various companies.

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Danjoungbio Co., Ltd. CEO Eui-Su Choung’s unique management policy

Danjoungbio’s unique corporate culture can be found in the company's lobby. Each year, it implies internal environment, internal competence and business goals in idiom derived from an ancient event in Chinese character, as well as introducing its meaning to employees. It is difficult to find the meaning of the used Chinese characters while it is very common for a company to set its vision and policy to be easily understand in concise statement. However, it is very interesting and unique that all Danjoungbio’s employees are clear about company’s policy and following it well.

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