Ph.D of Herbal Medicine dreaming to conquer the natural material market

//Ph.D of Herbal Medicine dreaming to conquer the natural material market

Ph.D of Herbal Medicine dreaming to conquer the natural material market

Local Company Danjoungbio Co., Lt.d, CEO Eui-Su. Choung
Supplied to more than 300 enterprises extracting various useful substances from a thousand plants
Obtained 48 patents … 7 billion KRW investment for 3 years to expand laboratory and etc.

Danjoungbio Co., Ltd. a rapidly growing local company with attracting attention, extracts various useful substances from more than 1,000 kinds of plants and its supplying them as raw materials for various products. Danjoungbio Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hojeomyeon,, Wonju City, is a place where dreams of conquering a natural products market with 30 executives and employees and CEO Eui-Su Choung, PhD. (photo). CEO Jung said, “Company name ‘Danjoung(丹鼎)’ is a red pot which has a complex meaning of enthusiasm, grooming, mastering medicine materials and incense for prayer etc.

Danjoungbio was started in November 2009 as a one-person enterprise at Yonsei University Wonju Campus Business Incubator Center and it is being recognized for its ability by obtaining 48 patents. The natural products produced by the company are supplied to more than 300 companies for cosmetics, foods and pharmaceuticals. The company will invest 7 billion KRW over the next three years, expanding and building new laboratory with investment of 1 billion KRW this year and additional facilities such as GMP and HACCP facilities in the 4,000㎡ site by the second half of next year. For CEO Choung to start a bio business was influenced by his mother’s side oriental medicine clinic. CEO Choung, who grew up in Danyang, Chungbuk province, which is the foot of the Sobaek Mountain, made him to be naturally familiar with herbs and amazed with the plants being used for medicine. CEO Chung majored in biology at the university and acquired PhD. Chung introduced a herbal medicine and its effect easily to understand, “There is a plant called ‘ Achyranthes’ and in Korean name it literally means cow’s knee. If there is a problem on the joint side, it becomes a medicinal substance that is helpful to use. ”

The company purchases more than 5 tons of sorghum produced in Wonju Hwangdoon every year, and also purchases the necessary plants in Jeju Island etc. to secure raw plant. It also plays a role activating the local industry through farming and contract purchasing. CEO Jung said, “We will make natural resources from the plants which are assets of Gangwon province and strive to specialize in natural materials, and improve added value etc. s

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