Danjoungbio will participate in Talks at ‘in-cosmetics korea 2020’

//Danjoungbio will participate in Talks at ‘in-cosmetics korea 2020’

Danjoungbio will participate in Talks at ‘in-cosmetics korea 2020’

Danjoungbio will do a presentation in Talks at ‘in-cosmetics korea 2020’. In-cosmetics korea 2020 will be held from June 17th to 10th at Seoul, COEX.

The content that attracted attention in ‘in-cosmetics korea’ last year was the ‘K-Beauty Inspiration Zone’, which provided expertise in Korean formulations and future trends that would affect the Korean market. In this year’s ‘K-Beauty Inspiration Zone’, Danjoungbio holds a ‘Seminar to give new insights on K-Beauty Trends and Beauty’ in the Talks section. Dajoungbio’s Talks will be held for 30 minutes from 1:15 pm on Wednesday, June 17, the first day of the exhibition.

Danjoungbio participates in this exhibition for the second consecutive year following its first participation last year. Booth number is M70. Danjoungbio will introduce various cosmetic ingredients derived from nature. Field testing is also possible. In particular, Danjoungbio’s best products, Soothing Cooler (Anti-heat aging-Korean patent), ON-MEDI LINE (Anti-inflammation), and Pure Medi (Anti-aging-Chinese & Korean patent), introduced Water Proof Series will be introduced and new products will be released as well.

An official from Danjoungbio said, “Danjoungbio participated in ‘in-cosmetics asia 2019’ and obtained good results by signing MOUs and contracts with customers from France, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. “We will provide the foundation to grow into a global company through sales and technical meetings with customers at domestic and abroad, informing the technology and quality of products.”

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